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At any given time, there are twenty laws in play, of which one to three are in effect at any given time. Each in-game day, the laws shift one space. All laws are given a rating from 1 to 6. (Some mission-specific laws may be rated R7) The higher the rating, the more severe the punishment for violating it. A character who violates a law will receive either a yellow card or (for violating an R6 law) a red card. A yellow card is a warning. The offender loses all accumulated JP and receives punishment at the end of battle. A red card results in the offender being removed from battle and sent to jail. A character is also sent to jail if s/he receives two yellow cards in one battle. (WARNING: If Marche receives a red card, it's Game Over) Keep in mind that enemy units are also subject to laws, and may be removed from battle if they receive red cards. However, a unit with a ribbon in its status box never receives red cards.

Each law has a corresponding recommendation. Meeting the conditions of the recommendation earns the character one JP.

Law Cards

After the mission "Antilaws," the clan will begin to accumulate Law Cards. There are two types of Law Cards: white laws which temporarily add new laws, and black antilaws which negate laws in effect. Law Cards can be earned as a reward for missions or traded at the Ezel's card shop in Cadoan.

Law Cards may only be played after the battle has started. Go to the Laws screen in the menu and press the A button to display your available cards. While a character will be animated using the card, playing a Law Card does not actually expend an action. Note that playing antilaws that affect a rating (Such as the "R6 antilaw") negates all laws which possess that rating. Laws are negated in battles taking place in the jagds and certain missions. During these battles, you may not play any new laws and you do not gain JP.


Law List

Addle4Causing "Addle" to a unitStop
Aim2Using the Archer's "Aim" ability set?
Berserk2Causing "Berserk" to a unitCharm
Bind2Causing "Immobilize" or "Disable" to a unitSlow
Blades3Attacking with a bladeRods
Broadswords4Attacking with a broadswordSpears
Call3Using the Animist's "Call" ability setSharpshoot
Charge3Using the Mog Knight's "Charge" ability setChivalry
Charm3Causing "Charm" to a unitConfuse
Chivalry2Using the Paladin's "Chivalry" ability setCharge
Color Magic5Using White, Black, Red or Blue MagicMissile
Confuse1Causing "Confuse" to a unitBerserk
Control2Using the Beastmaster's "Control" ability setMorph
Copycat6Performing the same action as the previous unitGanging Up
Corner5Using the Assassin's "Corner" ability setTarget Area or Prayer
Dark?Using dark-elemental spells or actions (not weapons)Holy
Defend3Using the Defender's "Defend" ability setHunt
Dmg2: Animal6Any offensive action against a monsterStatus
Dmg2: Bangaa6Any offensive action against a bangaaDmg2: Nu Mou
Dmg2: Human6Any offensive action against a humanDmg2: Bangaa
Dmg2: Moogle6Any offensive action against a moogleDmg2: Human
Dmg2: Nu Mou6Any offensive action against a nu mouDmg2: Viera
Dmg2: Viera6Any offensive action against a vieraDmg2: Moogle
Elemental5Using the Elementalist's "Elemental" ability setTime Magic
Fight2Using the "Fight" commandColor Magic
Fire1Using fire-elemental spells or actions (not weapons)Ice
Frog4Causing "Frog" to a unitElemental, Petrify
Ganging Up3Using combo attacks - only initial unit is rewarded/penalizedCopycat
Greatswords2Attacking with a greatswordRapier
Gunmanship4Using the Gunner's "Gunmanship" ability setSummon
Haste6Causing "Haste" to a unitSlow
Healing6Any ability which recovers HPStatus
Holy5Using holy-elemental spells or actions (Including most healing actions but not weapons)Dark
Hunt5Using the Hunter's "Hunt" ability setDefend
Ice1Using ice-elemental spells or actions (not weapons)Fire
Instruments3Attacking with an instrumentKnightswords
Items2Using itemsDark
Katanas4Attacking with a katanaMaces
Knives1Attacking with a knifeSabers
Knightswords5Attacking with a knightswordInstruments
Knuckles4Attacking with a knuckleSoul
Lightning1Using lightning-elemental spells or actions (not weapons)Wind
Maces?Attacking with a maceKatanas
Missile2Attacking with a ranged weaponSwords
Morph5Using the Morpher's "Morph" ability setControl
Petrify5Causing "Petrify" to a unitFrog
Poison1Causing "Poison" to a unitBind
Prayer2Using the Bishop's "Prayer" ability setCorner
Protect1Causing "Protect" to a unitPoison
Rapiers2Attacking with a rapierGreatswords
Rods?Attacking with a rodBlades
Sabers5Attacking with a saberKnives
Sharpshoot4Using the Sniper's "Sharpshoot" ability setCall
Shell1Causing "Shell" to a unitSilence
Silence1Causing "Silence" to a unitAddle
Skills6Using an ability set ending in the word "Skill"Techniques
Slow3Causing "Slow" to a unitPoison
Soul5Attacking with a soulKnuckles
Spears3Attacking with a spearBroadswords
Status6Causing any status ailment to a unitDmg2: Animal
Steal3Using the Thief's "Steal" ability setAim
Stop5Causing "Stop" to a unitSilence
Summon6Using the Summoner's "Summon" ability setGunmanship
Swords1Attacking with a swordStaves
Target All5Using an ability which affects all units (Pandora, Phantasm Skill, Totema)Target Area
Target Area4Using an ability which affects two or more squaresTarget All
Techniques6Using an ability set ending in the word "Tech"Skills
Time Magic4Using the Time Mage's "Time Magic" ability setElementals
Wind4Using wind-elemental spells or actions (not weapons)Lightning