Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter/Bosch

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Initial Stats and Bio

Initial level: 1

HP: 302
AP: 65
Age: 16

Bosch is your average, typical high-ranking Ranger (1/64) hungry for power and possibly blood. He obviously has no fashion sense walking around with such a haircut. However, playing through the game only once will not give you much insight on his personality. If you are interested to know more about his deepest motives and childhood memories, there are a few pertinent SOLs for you. It doesn't take out the fact that his snobbish attitude towards Ryu and his friends would deserve a spectacular punch in the face.

But enough of this. Bosch doesn't only bear the name of an expensive home appliance brand, he is also pretty good and extremely useful battle-wise (for the small amount of time he'll be in your party). You will like his skills and combo.

Initial Equipment

Weapon Name ATK ACC Buy Description/Comments
Level 1 (10 AP) Level 2 (20 AP) Level 3 (30 AP)

Here are listed for each level which slots contain locked skills, are available for threading (---) and aren't (N/A).

Beast Blade 28 ---

Can not be bought or sold

Sword containing Beast Blade skills. ...Yes, I think we already figured it out, thanks.

0 150
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Thrust Snakebite N/A
Fang Lion Smash N/A
Shield Name DEF Locked Skill/AP Cost Buy Description/Comments
WT Sell
Ranger Guard 15

None, but threading allowed

Can not be bought or sold

Nothing special.

Armor Name DEF Buy Description/Comments
MOV Sell


Can not be bought or sold

Nothing special as well.