Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

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Breath of Fire V
US Box Art
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Release March 18, 2003
Platforms PS2
Shrine creator(s) Skankin' Garbage, Walhalla
Shrine maintainer(s) Skankin' Garbage, Walhalla

Shrine Content

Welcome to the Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter shrine, also known as Breath of Fire V! This game, much different from the previous four in the series, provides a very nice challenge, with amazing gameplay. Feel free to browse around and contribute!

Many centuries ago, in the distant mists of ancient time, a disaster shook the Earth. The skies were charred with fiery blasts, and poisonous rivers flowed throughout the continents. Human beings, who once gazed upon glorious skies and breathed pure air, were forced to find a way to survive. They found that way under their feet... under the ground.

Sheldar became the capital city of the underground world. In their subterranean existence, the era of machines passed them by. Perhaps the people even forgot what the sky looked like....

Ryu, a member of the Sheldar Rangers, witnessed a mysterious event while checking out a Bio-chem company facility during a routine patrol.

Thus begins the story of Deep Earth...